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Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

"Set Boundaries, Find Peace" will have you flexing your boundary-setting muscles in no time!

Image Source: / Photographer: Anthony Shkraba

I recently finished listening to the audiobook, “Set Boundaries, Find Peace: a Guide to Reclaiming Yourself", brilliantly written by author, therapist, and content creator Nedra Tawwab. This detailed and in-depth book will undoubtedly be regarded as the consummate guide on the importance of personal boundaries. An easy read, it addresses what healthy boundaries look like and how to define, communicate, and maintain them long-term for a happier and healthier life.

Even as a psychotherapist, I had not previously contemplated the extent of boundary forms and contexts that Tawwab illuminated in this book. Although, in my opinion, the most important boundaries are the ones that we set and hold with ourselves, the author primarily focuses on boundaries within family, romantic, friendship, work, and social media relationships.

Difficulty with boundaries is a common theme in therapy sessions. Most often, clients are unaware that unhealthy boundaries significantly contribute to their prolonged stress, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, burnout, relationship issues, or unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Thus, learning how to set boundaries with confidence—and without guilt—is essential in managing one’s mental and physical well-being. I now recommend "Set Boundaries, Find Peace" to many of my clients. We could all use a little more peace in our lives.

I highly recommend listening to the audio version of this book. Tawwab narrates it clearly, concisely, and with the direct—yet supportive—tone of the wise best friend we all need in our lives. Its format is perfect for short trips across town or long scenic drives. If you have already become acquainted with the book, please share what section was most profound for you and how you're flexing your new boundary muscles.

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